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 a new game!

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PostSubject: a new game!   2nd December 2008, 2:06 pm

Hello Community!
I want to make a new game called:
Nexid: The legend of the Hero's!
One day when his grandfather helped link(Zelda), it began suddenly in June at about snow.
everyone knew that this was not normal and went quickly to their homes.
Link(Zelda) was nervous and left the house. Also in Marios(Super Mario) world suddenly began to snow, Mario also went out. The sky was dark and a huge portal opened
Link and Mario are entered, this nest of Equenen Queen!...

Ich will ein neus spiel machen namens:
Nexid: The Legend of the Hero's!
Eines Tages als Link sein Vater half, begann es plötzlich zu schneien.
Alle wussten das dies nicht normal war und rennten schnell in ihre Häuser.
Link war nervös und ging raus. Auch bei Mario schneite es und mario ging ebenfalls raus.
Der Himmel war Dunkel und ein Portal öffnete sich
Link und Mario gingen in das Nest der Equenen Königen!

I need 2 or 3 for Graphics!
maybe 1 helper for programming

Ty! òO

That wasn't the wrong section, and thats not nice to delete a half from my post!



That's epic!

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PostSubject: Re: a new game!   3rd December 2008, 1:13 am

Wrong forum section....
I am going to move it to Game Creations...
The group forum is only for "forums groups".
That means, that you can create groups on the forum and not help members
to help you with your game.

Maybe another can help you, but sorry, I won't, because I don't understand,
what you should do, if you are a "Helper".

Follow the forum rules!
Here are the rules:

And you can PM me everytime^^

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a new game!
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