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PostSubject: Fav Character   Fav Character Empty16th August 2010, 1:58 pm

HAPPY Birthday Sasuke!!!!
You're 16 now don'tcha? xDD ya have to know that im still this hacker, that hacked poor flyders acc....
be a good boy and ban me if you can Very Happy
well, i am rly a meanie... anyway...
Happy Birthday!!

Ah My fav character of Soul Calibur is this guy on the home site with blond hair ^^
i dunno who the hell this is but ya know...he strong! xD
but the other person is not that bad too....aaahhh i cant decide....who am i supposed to chose.
now. if ya were in my position who would ya chose? help me plox. im just a poor hacker who doesn't know what his fave char. is
i think i dont have hobbys. im sitting here in front of my laptop and writing this useless spam post. i could do so many other things!!
well. im justa hacker. its ma job to hack acc and do stupid stuffs like this. im gonna break...i need a rl job. on the other side i get payed to hack
accs..but it's illegal. *sigh*


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